walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wednesday's Activities Include: haircut, playdate, gymnastics

I got my haircut today; just a trim. I got out the door early enough to walk both ways, but then I didn't really want to go for a further walk. Fortunately, neither did M., as she had already taken her dogs for a long walk. We hung out until I had to go pick up T. from half day and take him to gymnastics. He had a good time, first time back since the summer off. After we got home, he walked over to D.'s house and they walked back together. He had missed her and wanted to chat. After that, I went for a walk with M.

T. helped get A. off the bus. For two kids who fight so much, they are quite happy to help each other out in this type of setting. I don't get it at all, but I will take the cooperation where I find it.

T. went off with B. A. worked on her homework (now that she has the instructions), until her playdate came over.

It is nice to have a quiet day. I've started putting stuff in the back of the car for a Savers run; not sure exactly when that will happen, but since I sorted through the luggage yesterday I have plenty to go out.
Tags: daily activities
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