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Tuesday's Activities Include: Rain, Walk, toy dropoff, fabric finds a home

It is raining today. But just barely, so I conceded only by wearing a cap instead of a visor and otherwise stuck to my t-shirt and capris. I came back only slightly damper than I left, because the warmth of walking mostly kept up with the mist. After the walk, D. and I had pie and coffee, and we went down to the basement (sounds like the beginning of a scary movie!!!) to look at some fabric (oh, well, _that_ is anticlimactic). I forget who gave us this bin of fabric, but it has been in the basement for years and we haven't done much with any of it. D. is in need of some window treatments, stat, so we donated to the cause. I could not find the rolls of fabric that we got with the bin; R. is going to have to track them down. In the course of looking, I poked into most of the closets and storage spaces in the house and found another nest of colored pencils, markers and crayons. It is like there is an infinite number of these stashes. I have no idea what the fuck I was thinking to buy so many crayons, but whenever I need any these days, I can always find another large pile somewhere. They are slowly migrating to the art shelves, which is where they belong anyway.

I drove over to the preschool to drop off the playmobil police station. Last night, I went through the bags and luggage in my closet, and pared it down a bit further. I'll see if T. wants to go to Savers, maybe tomorrow on his half day, and drop off some of the hot wheels toys and the luggage.

ETA: In your feel good story of the day:


Finally, some market competition for the EpiPen price gougers.

Depressingly, backlog at the regulator is part of why pharma price gougers don't have enough competition from generics:

Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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