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Saturday's Activities Include: apple picking, errands, playground, Pub on the Common

On Saturday, we met D.'s family for apple picking at Honey Pot Hill. The kids had a hayride with R. and D. while I. and I (both of us prone to motion sickness) sat that out. We had a ton of fun, and maybe we'll go again for blueberries or something.

R. and I had taken two vehicles, because T. and I were headed to Savers after to drop off more toys. We had lunch at home, where I had the last of the soppressata and a slice of fake vegan cheese on whole wheat. I warmed up the meat and "cheese" in a pan and it smelled glorious. Fake "cheese" has really improved over the years.

T. and I had dinner at the Pub on the Common. After, we went to Kimball Farms where I refrained from getting sorbet this time around.

R. reassembled the playmobil police station and we found a home for it with one of the teachers at the local public preschool; I'm excited to be dropping that off on Tuesday. I always love it when toys which were only lightly used despite their awesomeness go on to good lives elsewhere.

We discussed the ant situation. The playroom is mostly taken care of (occasional scouts are still being found, but nothing like what I originally dealt with), however, there seems to be a line of ants that comes out when A. eats food in the living room. They come from a crack next to the (gas fireplace) hearth and march in a straight line to her food which she finds distressing (as do we). She has agreed to eat in the kitchen (honestly, the eat in table in the kitchen is mere yards away). We took care of everything sticky. I've vacuumed and brushed the soft furniture repeatedly and we've killed a bunch of ants the old fashioned way. I've ordered borax to dribble into the crack -- it may or may not do any good, but it won't hurt us, for sure.

I'm a little surprised at how quickly A. adapted to No More Eating on the Couch. And happy. But surprised happy.

ETA: Somewhere in there, T. and I stopped at Idylwilde, where I got a bag of mesclun, a small box of yukons and T. a box of maple sugar candies. He _had_ a box of those candy's from Parker's, but didn't eat them for a long while so R. ate them. Then T. wanted to know where they went. Once we figured out they really were gone, I told him we'd get him some more, and Idylwilde is in town. Whereas Parker's is definitely not.

ETAYA: T. and I also went to the UPS store to return two pairs out of four I ordered for A. I then turned around and ordered two more.
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