walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Concise and brilliant: analysis of housing, jobs, prices and location


What's really amazing to me is Conor Sen's argument has _no_ demographic element to it at all. And it does not need it (demographics -- millenials as a group are starting to make babies, and they are a very big group indeed -- supports his argument, but he made the case brilliant without resorting to demographics).

His thesis is simple. The rise of property values in compact, West Coast cities is partly down to their comparatively strong job markets versus the rest of the country, post-bust. As the national job market recovers, people who went to where the jobs were will go somewhere else cheaper.

Inexpensive gas, higher gas mileage vehicles (the rise of renewables, etc.) also make commuting cheaper and more viable than it has been in a while, especially when you can work some days from home.

Clear, compact visualizations of large trends are rare. This one is unusually good.
Tags: our future economy today
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