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Here's an inspiring story to start your day:


What a fantastic young man! Terrifying situation, and he kept it from being much, much worse.

My daughter brought me her doll with really long hair (it's Phoebe, an Our Generation doll) and asked me to fix the hair. She told me that like her hair, it gets all raggedy. I tried using the comb, but it was bad. I thought I was going to pull out 10% of the hair, and have to cut out tangles. Then I thought, Self! You have Mason Pearson brushes. And this hair feels like it might actually be human hair, rather than that weird plasticky stuff in the barbies of my childhood. Let's give it a go, and if that doesn't work there's always detangler.

I barely lost any hair at all. The doll looks like it came out of the box (minus the braids Phoebe ships with). Who knew?