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Thursday's Activities Include: Dutch, phone call oops, toy repair attempt, scheduling, etc.

I had a Dutch lesson! The baby is getting so cute! T. came along, since his school does not start until next week. We all three (instructor, me, T. and baby, plus two dogs) went for a walk around the park, having a two language conversation with many interruptions. I was supposed to be finally having a noon phone conversation with my friend J., now that his kids are back in school, but I screwed up and moved Dutch from Tuesday (when both kids were at home and we were having a long playdate) to Thursday and forgot to tell him. We talked _very_ briefly. There were also numerous texts. Finally, at the end of the lesson, the cleaner's agency called to say she was in the hospital. I am, of course, wishing her a complete recovery, but am unsurprised because we've seen this pattern happen once before. I canceled the contract with the agency, so I won't be talked into accepting this particular cleaner back a third time. I don't trust my judgment; I let myself be talked into this once before and never again.

We had a broken Buzz Lightyear nerf gun. I have this theory that girls don't do hardware because parents tell them not to take stuff apart and they obey that rule, whereas boys either aren't told that or just go ahead and take stuff apart anyway. So we are going to take things apart when they are broken toys and try to figure them out and if we break it permanently in the process, oh well! It was cheap, plastic and possibly broken anyway. This is Learning.

I got three walks: the aforementioned one during my Dutch lesson, one in the afternoon with M., and one in the morning with D. I wound up with two sitters this afternoon, so I'm out for drinks and dinner with R. momentarily. I've got a playdate set up for tomorrow morning, and I think T. and D.'s family and either R. or I are going to Honey Pot on Saturday morning. Probably I will be taking A. to a gymnastics lesson, altho I haven't figured out which one just yet.

I put some photos that were in a multi photo frame that I redid a few months ago away in an album (finally) and ordered new 5x7 sleeves for the album. I wrote a check in support of a 501c3. And I'm sorting through paperwork buildup. In the course of doing so, I found the assembly instructions for the Playmobil police station! So I can reassemble that tonight, maybe. A. brought home a scholastic order form, so we'll try to do that online tonight, too. A. wanted to keep home the papers she brought home, so (without discussing it with her), I picked 2x as many papers that were sitting in a stack and recycled them. My goal is to have each day net out slightly less paper in the house. It'll never work, but I keep trying! Hope springs eternal.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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