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Wednesday's Activities Include: Whole Foods, two walks, Johnny Rockets lunch, Savers, playroom

Once A. was dressed, hair and teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, lunch packed and laden with supplies onto the van, T. and I headed out to Whole Foods. Then back home for walk with M., followed by coffee and a walk with D. After that, T. and I went to lunch at Johnny Rockets, and immediately after drove over to Savers to drop off a bag (kitchen garbage size) of toys. Home again, I tackled the playroom. I'm still finding an ant or three each time I check, but nothing like yesterday. I pulled the last toys out from under the slide and vacuumed the rest of the under area that is accessible. After that, it was time to reassemble all the closed cell foam letter and number tiles. Partway through, it became clear to me that I was missing important tiles to reproduce the original order I put them down in years ago. I found them to the size of the play structure, a space too tight for me to fit in but apparently the cleaner squeezed herself in enough to remove, then replace _without getting all the dirt vacuumed_ tiles. And she put the wrong tiles back in. *sigh* Either that or it has been wrong since the last time we did this project, which, honestly, would not surprise me. Anyway. I pulled them out so I could put those tiles in the correct location and put the right tiles back. I dropped them into the right spaces but can't push them in, and I haven't decided whether I'm going to bother vacuuming them. I just wanted to make sure I had the order correct.

It looks so nice now that order is restored. On a previous iteration of Clean Under the Tiles, R. put a bunch of the letters in tiles with matching colors (which is so mind-bogglingly wrong I _still_ can't believe he did it, and honestly, no one does that kind of thing by accident. He clearly felt color matching trumped actually serving the design purpose which means he probably misunderstood the design purpose. Or disapproved -- it can be hard to tell with him sometimes). (You can't see a yellow T on a yellow background, basically, so you should have a red T on a yellow background, or wtf. But contrasting, regardless.)

In the course of today's wrapping up of the playroom project, I pulled a bunch of balls out of the garage and a few balls out of the playroom, washed them and bagged them to go to Savers. I also bagged a Hot Wheels motorcycle toy (spring activated, no batteries) to go out. I'm going to see if the kids will let the Playmobil police station go, before I put it all back together; it was in pieces under the slide.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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