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Tuesday's Activities Include: Last Day of Summer, Nara, ants, Raven, drunken vacuuming

Today was A.'s Last Day of Summer (T. still has another week to go). D.'s family came over for a last playdate (both her kids also start tomorrow) and after lunch we all went over to Nara, where I went into the lake with the fob for the minivan still in my pocket. Ooops! But, modern technology FTW! D. correctly predicted it would be just fine and it was! Van started no problems at all. I did tell R. when he got home, tho, so he would not be surprised if there were future repercussions with that fob.

While we were in the lake, a fish bit R. Very sad! All she wanted to do was swim, and a fish picked on her. A. wanted to play in the sand, and T. and J. were having fun splashing at each other. So after about an hour of fun, we picked up and headed out, with all our sand.

After retrieving belongings from the house and dropping J. off to ride his bike home, I drove D. and R. back to their place, then the rest of us went home to take showers to prevent "duck itch". There are Canada Geese at Nara now. Ugh. After showers, we hung out for a bit until sitters showed up. T. got his red streak refreshed. While A. was gone, I cleaned the island and table, put the chairs and stools up, and ran roomba. While Roomba was running, I saw ants. Ants! Ugh. So I tracked ants to their center of activity, which was in the playroom. This makes no sense at all, and ants usually mean water so I was concerned.

Over our Cape week, our cleaner came in and one of the projects she was supposed to do was to take up the foam tiles, vacuum the floor and then put the foam tiles back. She wanted to clean; I thought vac was enough. I didn't argue, but I should have! My theory, based on where the ants were and were not, is that she put the tiles back wet and since the A/C was off while we were gone, they took a while to dry and that was long enough to generate a swarm. I killed dozens -- and there were _no_ ants under the tiles that the cleaner didn't get to. Want to know how I could tell? I laid them down alphabetical, and she put them back all higgeldy piggeldy. The ones which were still alphabetical had clearly never been moved.

I found dust bunnies along the edges of the room. I think the cleaner picked up toys with bunnies on them, removed the tiles, put the tiles back, put the toys back, without ever dealing with the bunnies. I found incredibly stickiness and smudges on the surfaces of the play structure and some of the tiles which you can't actually take up because the structure sits on top of them. I also found job lots of bunnies last night under the slide. She had sent me a message with a photo of the floor saying she'd underestimated how big the job was. Bullshit. She's just slow. I'm about 45 minutes into this thing, I've done a better job than she did, and I didn't generate an ant problem along the way. I'm running out of ideas for things I can assign this cleaner that I will find useful in any way. I think the real problem with it was her approach. I spotted ants when I was supervising roomba, and when I realized the scale of the problem, I got the canister and sat on my ass on the floor going through the tiles, stacking them, getting the ants (dirt, etc.), got up long enough to get a damp cloth for the smudges, and basically worked my way across the floor while seated. I think she tried to do it standing, which is an Error.

About 30 minutes into the project, R. came home and we went to dinner at Raven, where I had two Fall Guys, and a spinach and kale salad with grilled salmon. It was Yum. All of it was Yum. We got a nice server, and one of the other servers who we sometimes get spotted us and came by for a chat. I love being a regular, and they are so nice at Raven. R. got the Huntsman, which was venison, yukons and corn on the cob today. Amazeballs! The venison was on the rare side of medium, and it wasn't even chewy. Venison is often tough, but not this one.

After the second Fall Guy, it was really fun to go back and complain about how bad a job the cleaner did while vacuuming. I asked R. to go after a couple of the more persistent problem areas on the play structure with Goof Off or its moral equivalent. The tiles are still all stacked up; I don't want to put them back until I get a good look at the ant situation tomorrow. I also have one more section of play structure to clear toys from and clean up. (No vacuuming while Playmobil bits are still out!)

I showed both sitters what I was up to and had a nice chat with them on the topic of Seriously, How Hard Is This Anyway. Always nice to bond with other women.

The pink velvet hangers arrived, and I changed out the hangers in A.'s room with her assistance. I also decluttered a few items I am fairly certain are now too small for her. The closet looks awesome! And the velvet really does keep slippery stuff from sliding off the hanger. Who knew?
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