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Monday's Activities Include: playdate, Bondir, decluttering

We had a playdate! A. doesn't start school until Wednesday but the sitters who work for the schools in town had ALICE training; they showed up a little after 3 p.m. In the meantime, our friends and us all trooped over to Goward Playground to hang out for a bit. Then off to Julie's Place for lunch and finally back to the house to hang out. I called the rec dept and made sure it was okay to go swim at Nara, even tho there is no lifeguard any more since the main season is over. They said sure! So that's what we're going to try tomorrow, weather permitting.

I got a walk with M. after the playdate was over, then I cleaned the stovetop, table and island, put the chairs and stools up and ran roomba while R. and I went out to Bondir for dinner. Roomba did its thing unsupervised and did not beach itself, so it was full when we returned and the floor much nicer (I also brushed the soft furniture so all the food bits from the kids were on the floor where Roomba could deal with them instead of me). I mopped before we put the chairs and stools back down, then I ran around and got the toilets because I honestly have no idea what happened with the cleaner. I texted her explaining that with people in the house, the usual monday morning thing wasn't going to work but she didn't get back to me about a possible reschedule. When A. got home, she was looking for a small toy (which I still have not found), so I went looking for that and decluttered along the way. I mean, if I'm going to go through multiple bins of toys (wow there were a lot of dust bunnies under those bins; what is up with that?), I'm going to replace batteries and get rid of stuff we don't need any more. Nice big sack ready to go to Savers.

I'm going to try to run Roomba upstairs tomorrow; we'll see how that goes.
Tags: daily activities
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