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Friday's Activities Include: last full day, swimming, Oysters Too

On our last full day, we went back to Grews Pond but didn't stay quite as long. The bees were out and being annoying. We had lunch in, which was nice, because we went out to dinner at Oysters Too. We like the food there, but it was crowded and slow even tho we were near the front of the line when they opened at 5 we weren't out until 7 p.m. It was really loud, too, so R. was kind of wiped out pretty early on in the process and I think we were all feeling like we were basically ready for the vacation to end.

My sister and I both really liked having the last major meal out. It let us clean up after lunch and pack up most of the kitchen, just leaving what we needed for breakfast. It had rained on and off -- we timed our swim carefully -- and we managed to avoid getting stuff soaked as we were packing up.

I was really happy with the way this trip went. It was very smooth, and we ate a lot fewer meals out. We had no conflict over bathrooms (all the bedrooms had ensuite bathrooms -- it was basically a bed and breakfast in a former/other life). The bike path was convenient and shaded, shops were close, restaurants also close. The downside is that it is on a very busy road. The playground across the street and Grews Pond were fantastic (other than the bees!).

We probably won't be going to the Cape next year, and I'm not sure where we will stay when we do return. It would be nice to get a place that was on a quieter road, and maybe on one of the other bike paths. It would be worth it, even if other things were less convenient, I think.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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