walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday's Activities Include: fruit butterflies, return to Shaw's

While various members of the group have been using the bike bath to bicycle, and my sister and I have been on a lot of walks, we have not actually done much swimming. Now that it is towards the end of the vacation, we finally went to Grews Pond right across the street and had a really nice time. We came back, cleaned up and then had lunch at Crabapples, which was incredibly loud but pretty good.

A. noticed on the back of the graham cracker box some "fruit butterflies", which she decided she wanted. They involve taking a graham cracker square, putting peanut butter on it, lining up some blueberries down the middle for a body, apple slices for wings and bits of strawberry for antennae. This is simple to make, super cute and more or less healthy food (unlike some other things you can do with graham crackers which are quite wonderful in their own right). I've been making a lot of these for A. When we ran out of apples, we starting cutting bananas on the slant for wings and she likes that even better (we suggested clementine sections, but that was a non-starter).

We had to go to Shaw's to get more fruit butterfly supplies, and some other things.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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