walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Saturday's Activities: Off to the Cape

On Saturday, we went to Cape Cod. The day started with a walk out to Maynard by myself to pick up a rental car. I got an SUV; I never do that. They gave me a Nissan Rogue. It was completely inoffensive, altho it is still not clear to me why people get SUVs vs. minivans. The parking consequences are roughly equivalent and the minivan seats more and carries more. But I did like it. I did not want to deal with keeping the i3 charged without a dedicated charger.

Traffic was minimal. We arrived a couple hours in advance of checkin at Frederick William House but the cleaners were done because the previous renters had left early. So we got to go in early, which was wonderful. After that, we did a store run (Shaw's) and got most of what we needed for the week. My sister and I had put together a food plan and I even retained notes about it for months so I more or less knew what to buy. We had planned to go shopping on Sunday, however, because we arrived early and because Sunday would be race day, I went early instead.

Once my sister and her family arrived, we got takeout from Seafood Sam's, based on a recommendation from someone who is from Falmouth. It was excellent! Also, super close to where we were staying. Lots of space for everyone, beds are comfortable.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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