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Sunday's Activities Include: no horse (they canceled), vacation planning, laundry, Savers

The horse was canceled. I got to have a nice long walk and talked to my friend K. That was fantastic! Her life is really going well and I am so happy for her and super excited that she finally got the new car they have been thinking about getting for years now. And, to be honest, super happy that the new car they got is a hybrid and not a diesel. Turns out delay meant they avoided a bunch of heartache! I love it when delay pays off.

T. and I did some vacation planning. Some weekend trips. A trip to Hershey next year with my sister's family. It all came together really nicely. We're still in the early stages of planning another trip to visit family overseas next summer.

T. wanted to know what we were going to do today and I said we could go out to lunch so we did. We went to Ixtapa, where I had a beer. I need to remember this is why I quit drinking beer. Beer gives me a headache; I don't know why (and no, it isn't worse with low vs high hops, so I dunno what it is). I had a veggie burrito verde minus the milk products. T. had a beef taco. I suggested that he might try the quesadillas some time; he hadn't realized they had them there.

We also went grocery shopping to Roche Bros. to get him some yogurt. We forgot we were out of ketchup, however. Oops.

Somewhere along the line, I told him we could run to Savers to drop stuff off. Later in the day, he asked me when we were going to do this, so I wandered around collecting a toy, some shoes and suitcases to go out the door. I was a little sad to get rid of all the robot suitcases because they were so cute but the kids actually have somewhat real luggage now and those cases were too small to be much more than toys. The samsonite carry-on was ridiculously heavy. We used it on a trip to California where we had a baby seat that hooked up to it so it was a sort-of stroller suitable only for use in an airport or other very level ground that transported the car seat and the gear all in one, without being one of those massive all-in-one contraptions that I somehow managed to avoid buying. We quit using it a year or so later.

It was nice that R. and T. could get all those things out the door.
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