walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday's Activities Include: play therapist, walking

I got a mile walk with D., and another mile walk with M. and D. It was a very pleasant, relaxing day. T. went off with C. B. came by in the early afternoon and took both girls out to lunch at Julie's Place and then to the arcade. After that, we saw the play therapist for the first time in a while (she has been visiting family in another time zone). She was so happy to see A. again and meet R. (yet another R. -- there are so many of them in my life! And all wonderful people) and see how creative and cooperative they have been. For many families and many children, having friends and play dates are a normal, expected part of life. In our family, they have been ... effortful. But not now. R. and A. get along fabulously, and they find all kinds of fun little projects to engage in. It was really neat that the therapist who worked so hard with both my children get to see the results of all that effort in action.

I did a little decluttering (cleared off part of a dresser top, part of a desk drawer, found an Omron pedometer and then went to the post office to send it off to a friend) and ran a minor errand (picked up a DVD I'd requested at the library). I did more laundry (finally got around to doing my sheets and the towels in my bathroom) and ran the dishwasher. D. helped replace the tablecloth with the vinyl cover, so the (playdough encrusted) tablecloth could go through the laundry.

Things are looking better around the house than I think they ever have. It's really nice, especially when I think back to my end of June anger motivated clearing of the island in the kitchen.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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