walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wednesday's Activities Include: Raven, Ginger Court, swimming, Fun World

One of the sitters suggested taking the girls to her place for swimming and also up to Fun World. They were gone a long time! Since D.'s son was with his father, and [I'm not allowed to say what T. was doing], D. and I went out to lunch at Red Raven in addition to our walk. We had manhattans and I got the steak; she got the fish and chips and she generously let me have a couple of her onion rings. Yum!

When R. got home, we realized that one child was still in Worcester (Ecotarium) and the others were still in Nashua, so R. and I went to Ginger Court where I had a second manhattan. Technically, this was an error. I wasn't ever drunk, but I still had a headache by the time I went to bed. Oh well!

It was a great day. Everyone had lots of fun.
Tags: daily activities
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