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Tuesday's Activities Include: Dutch! walk with M., house cleaner, failed dinner attempt

I successfully went to my Dutch lesson!

This morning, I took both kids in the car over to Household Goods to drop off a toddler bed/chair thing that A. used to sleep in, then used to sit in, but was de-accessioned as part of the Great Bed Shuffle. They were happy to take it off our hands, especially since R. had taped the bits (pegs, screws, instructions, etc) in a ziploc baggie to one of the side pieces.

Then we stopped at the bank, where both kids got lollipops and I got cash.

Once they were both off with sitters, I went to my Dutch lesson, after removing some surface dirt from the soft furniture, the table and the island and putting the chairs and stools up so roomba could do its thing. It did not do its thing, so I wound up running it when I returned. Oh well. I was doing this for Complicated Reasons, partly because I wasn't sure the cleaner was even going to show up but mostly because even if the cleaner did show up, her health has precluded her from actually finishing a lot of the work. I wrote a note to her about what I _did_ want her to do (vacuum the 3rd floor and dust up there), and after I returned and talked to her, I had some frustrating conversation with her about other tasks ("Can you lift your arms above your head?" "Yes." "OK, take the long handled swiffer and get all the cobwebs on the ceiling." "Oh, I get vertigo when I try to do stuff above my head." *blink* She wanted to use a stepladder. I'm trying to avoid a horrifying accident/death, and if you tell me you get vertigo lifting your arms above your head, I am NOT going to agree to you using a stepladder to get cobwebs from the 10 foot ceiling. There was also a convo about windows; she won't just do the inside if she can't do the outside. *sigh*). I'm not sure if I can make this work out, but I'm going to keep trying to find things I don't want to do, that I think do need to be done, and that I'm willing to pay someone else to do.

I had a nice walk with M. I was out of blondies so she had leftover birthday cake instead.

R. and I tried to go out to dinner at 4:40 but the sitter came home early. When I asked her to let me know in advance when she was going to be dropping the kid off so early, she said, "I never do." which isn't much of an answer and isn't strictly speaking true. It was not easy getting further scheduling information out of her for the rest of the week. Even tho a few days ago she said she'd be starting each morning at 10 a.m., it turns out she won't be showing up until 12:30 on Thursday -- and it isn't clear _when_ she was planning on telling me that until I asked her for the rest of the week's information (again) today.

August. I blame August.
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