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Saturday's Activities Include: party! Great Bed Shuffle

Today, I went to Whole Foods. R. had gone to pick up the cake yesterday, but when I realized that we were expecting a kid with egg and milk allergies, I went back this morning to get a vegan chocolate cake. Then he woke up with a cold, so I took the (still frozen) cake and stuck it in the chest freezer for the next birthday party.

At 10 a.m., we all showed up at Altitude: two kids from T.'s class, another kid from his program but a different class, one of the boys he does therapeutic riding with, the lovely family we've been having playdates with and assorted parents and siblings all came to celebrate T.'s birthday with him. They jumped for an hour and then we had pizza and cake. It was simple, but really, really, really fun. A. wants to do the same for her party. I sent invites via text and a couple emails, and never had to send reminders because everyone checked in with me the day before! Apparently we have really wonderful friends! Well, okay, the kids do!

We are now in the middle of the Great Bed Shuffle. T. had the full bottom bed from his bunk bed and A. had the top twin bunk. This was working okay, but it was hard to snuggle with A. at night in the twin as she gets bigger and I don't get any smaller. R. moved the twin back into T.'s room as a top bunk. Then we removed the toddler bed/chair that was in A.'s room in its chair configuration. Finally, R. moved the full sized futon from the 3rd floor down to A.'s room. So now she has a big enough bed for us to snuggle in, that can convert to seating if she wants space to play/a place to sit.

This is an enormous project. I know, I know, you're thinking, that sounds like a lot of work. But there were probably a dozen stuffed animals under T.'s bed. Etc. There was a great deal of vacuuming.

House is looking pretty decent, tho, especially since having a meeting at the house motivated me to clear off the dining table, replace the tablecloth, etc.

Best news of all: T. was perfectly content getting rid of all but a few of the soft animals/pillow pets/etc. that were gathering dust under his bed.

ETA: We all went out to dinner at the Pub on the Common, followed by Kimball Farms, where we used up some gift certificates/gift cards. A day of Togetherness is rare when not on vacation. Not sure why this happened. The kids sure bicker when this happens, which is why it is so rare.
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