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Friday's Activities Include: lunch at British Beer Co., morning meeting, storm, Target

The kids were out with sitters, so I had a meeting at home. A very nice woman representing NACPM explained to me in some detail what they are working on and why. If you think there should be an accredited process by which people could become professional midwives that doesn't require them to go through a full nursing path, so that _legal_ midwife-assisted physiologic birth could be accessible across the country, drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with her.

If you don't really care about that, but you do care about reducing maternal and perinatal mortality, unnecessary surgical and medical interventions in the birth process, the same.

And if you don't care about any of that, but you do care about health care costs in this country, the same again!

Off soapbox once again. R. and I had lunch at the British Beer Company. I normally avoid drinking at lunchtime, but he pointed out the rye manhattan on the menu so, you know, I drank. They make a very simple manhattan (bulleit rye and rosso rossi, IIRC, no bitters definitely) which is nevertheless really, really good. I had the fish and chips, which was also really, really good. And I ate it all, so I didn't have a very big dinner later on in the day because I was still full from lunch.

R. and I later drove out to Target, and encountered a wicked thunderstorm. That was exciting. We were in search of full/double bedding for A.'s new-to-her bed. We were not able to find merch bedding (Frozen or Minnie would have been great) in anything other than twin, but we did find ice cream cone design! That's kinda cool.
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