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Wednesday's Activities Include: Watch retrieval, rain, vacuuming garage walls

I went to T.'s school today to pick up his watch. They've been taking it away from him because he obsessively looks at the time and then nags and complains and has tantrums whenever things don't happen right when he thinks they should. I don't blame them, honestly. Anyway, as a result, he tends to not come home with it as reliably as he used to and he was afraid he's forget it today, his last day of summer school (as he had the night before).

It rained, so M. and I hung out and played iPad games for a while and chatted indoors. Before that, I left the car in the drive, push broomed the garage floor (incompletely -- honestly, I am just not that energetic) and then got the shop vac out and went at the walls again. I had started that project last night, but there is a lot of wall, and R. got to looking at that shop vac longingly so when I got tired I was like, it's all yours. There are still some cobwebs, but a lot fewer than before.

It rained on my car, so I found the squeegee in the cleaning bucket and squeegeed the car. Because it has a reasonably fresh clearcoat, it now doesn't look _clean_ per se, but much less obviously dirty.

Then I went through the cleaning bucket, vacuumed out the scary things, shook out the cloth diapers, threw one away that was ripped (those things shed in the laundry and it is annoying) after using it to wipe the squeegee a few times and then washed the remaining items in the cleaning bucket. Bucket contained toilet bowl cleaner (which R. had been saying we should buy), a partial bottle of windex, and a full bottle of scrubbing bubbles. Looks like I'll be able to clean the tub and shower and the downstairs lav without another visit to the store. This is the bucket we set up the last time we became exasperated with the cleaner and decided we were going to try some other options. In theory, the cleaner we've had for years was supposed to be using equipment and supplies that we provided, but this is another example of agency rules that we could never convince her to follow, and I just wasn't motivated to insist on.

ETA: Playdate happened, yay! We got a shorter walk than usual (with umbrellas, due to rain), since we only had one sitter, she got here later than we usually have a sitter here and I wanted to be back in time to meet T. so he didn't have to deal with further schedule disruption. I got through the rest of the garage wall vacuuming project in stages -- it looks good now. Also, I am tired.

A. wanted to stay in for dinner, so I had an omelette, hash browns and a manhattan. I think I may go in search of chocolate next.

ETA: I found chocolate. Nom nom nom.

OneReceipt is dead in 2 weeks. Bummer! Slice only does online receipts. Shoeboxed wants money. Receipts by Wave does a bunch of processing and doesn't even get the basics right (treats a subtotal as a total). *shrug* I'm going old skool, and taking pictures in Google Drive into a folder and I'll probably purge it on a rolling basis maybe 90 days out or something.

R. set up the smart lock and then tinkered with the door and the deadbolt to line them up better; the door now works better than it ever has. We just need to get it rekeyed and we'll have a solution that lets us give and revoke access without having to rekey the door ever again. I'm very excited about this!

While I was at it, I downloaded another app (garageio), so now I've got one app per garage door (Chamberlain doesn't work with Alexa, I think is why we wound up in this situation). We're still trying to get the Alexa link to work properly.

OMG There is a Watch app for the smart lock. That is some Dick Tracy, right there.
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