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Tuesday's Activities Include: returns, bank, donation,

I returned a book at the library. I dropped a return off at the UPS Store on Powdermill Road. According to the gentleman who accepted the box, they get about 30 returns a day from Amazon and another 20 from Zappos. He thinks this is a lot. I'm thinking, data!

I went to the bank. I dropped bags in the donation box. I bought more swiffer refills (I also ordered some on Amazon -- I never should have let that subscription lapse). Off to retrieve my daughter, then playdate and walk.

I got the stovetop cleaned today. I'm eying the dining room table and thinking thoughts.

I also emptied a bin of toys from the basement into a bag before donating it. I've been removing batteries from things as I go. I did keep the light chasers.

Oh, and I had leftover mu shu for lunch. I even found hoisin sauce in the fridge!

ETA: Playdate and second walk have happened. I made coleslaw, cooked bacon, cooked mushrooms. Took a shower. Soaked my aching feet (walking in the heat really makes my feet unhappy). Put away a bunch of toys (mostly stuffed animals). I'm _still_ eying the dining room table, but honestly, the downstairs lav is more important. And I really prefer putting my feet up anyway, so nothing more is going to happen, I think, until after dinner.

My sister has been researching cleaning apps. She has opted for TODY, however, what I want is so far eluding me.

ETAYA: Dinner with R. at Not Your Average Joe's. We hadn't been there in a while. Their Knob Manhattan is excellent. I had the thai lettuce wraps and the server really took the dairy thing seriously and got me a modified lettuce wrap because the dressing supposedly had dairy (I'm a little skeptical, but hey, they are trying hard). We discussed a variety of things, and we are coming up remarkably empty on which parts of the cleaning process might be accessible to our kids.

Once we got home, I pulled the shop vac out because I Am Tired Of Looking At Spider's Nests and so forth. I got part of one wall. T. did some, too! He was very careful, which is exactly what you want in a Young Person with a vacuum. It looks better now, and I'm sure it will look even better now that R. is working on it.

R. agrees with the strategy I want to pursue with breaking down the non-daily cleaning tasks, which is helpful, because it has not been the easiest thing to explain to other people.

Just did the baseboards in the downstairs lav. They looked really bad. Before!

R. tried to convince me the whole house humidifier we used to use before we got the integrated one should be donated to Savers. But I did confirm he was right -- they'll take it. He thought it would fit in my car; I was skeptical. He said he would take it in the van. I said, how about now. They are open until 9. Several bags went into the van, thus clearing out much of the crap in the upstairs hall.
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