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Monday's Activities Include: cleaner woes, playdate, walks, cleaning

Priestess made a little joke. It was a riff on people having to clean up for the house cleaner. Only in this case, the joke involved having to clean up after the house cleaner.

She arrived late and I couldn't just let her stay later because I had a playdate scheduled and a sitter was arriving etc. Also, she is back in the Not Sure What She Has But She Looks About to Die condition that caused me to call the agency years ago and say, she can't come back. Honestly, no house needs to be cleaned that badly, and no one needs my payment that badly. If you're wondering, well, why is she back now? Well, she got better, the replacement cleaner was fired by the agency (and yes, I got her contact info and yes, I'm seriously contemplating hiring her again directly) and the agency talked me into letting the original cleaner return. More about cleaner woes in a later post, probably.

The playdate went well. I had a walk with M. while the cleaner was here (fortunately, she was not audibly crying while M. and I were hanging out). I had a long walk with D. during the play date.

Once everyone was gone, I started plotting cleaning priorities: kitchen (because I don't think it was done last week either), finish the bathrooms (floors haven't been done in 2 weeks at least), soft furniture (kids eat on the couch, cleaner hasn't been consistently removing cushions to vacuum under on at least one couch for a while). I knew it was more than I would get done in an hour or two. I started, I took a break while R. and I went out to dinner at Ginger Court (mu shu pork is good), and then came back to it until it was time to put the kids in bed. I did get T. to help with a couple small items (mostly running stuff up and down the stairs).

Good news: I did some more decluttering as I was cleaning. So that's something. Mostly small toys in the bathrooms that the kids never play with any more (the ducks stay -- those get a surprising amount of play) went into a bag to go out tomorrow.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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