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Saturday's Activities Include: Whole Foods (cake!), library playground, phone call, lunch at Julie's

Today, T. and I went to Whole Foods where we picked up a few things and ordered a birthday cake for his party in one week. After we dropped the food off at home, we went to Goward Playground next to the library. T. returned a book for me and played while I talked on the phone with K., who is really enjoying her new place in Skagit.

It started raining, so T. and I went to Learning Express to buy presents for a birthday party for friends. We ultimately did not go to the party, but R. and A. did go and brought the presents with them. T. and I went to Julie's Place for lunch. Later, T. wants R. to take him to the pub on the common.

It's a pleasant day today, not too muggy altho very bright. I walked to lunch; T. rode his scooter.

ETA: Over the last couple of days, I have used the energy I wasn't expending (because I'd unsubscribed from a bunch of stuff a few days before) deleting emails repetitively to go back through older emails and deal with their excruciatingly boring contents. I mean, this is stuff like, account blahdeblah.com would like to know if my personal information is up to date. I know damn well it ain't, but can't be bothered to fix it. Until yesterday/today. So far: replaced a main address that was still in NH (only 9 years now!) with a correct main address (doesn't really matter -- the shipping and billing addresses were right. What the hell does it _have_ the main address for, then?). While I was there, I tracked down an oddness with my first name that had crept in somewhere along the way. I also corrected a secondary phone number (someone had entered the area code twice -- still not sure how that could even happen) on another account. I noticed that I had restaurant reservations in my email that were not in my online calendar; that led to discovering some reservations that were in neither my email nor my calendar. Good news: I've managed to deal with and get rid of over 100 email messages in my inbox. Bad news: there's more than 100 left (altho not more than 200, so that's something, amirite?).
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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