walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: blondies, laundry, decluttering

I made blondies today, because when you have people over for playdates, they disappear faster.

While I made blondies, I stripped the beds and ran the sheets through the laundry. THIS time, I remembered to pull the ripped mattress cover/protector off the master and replace it. Conveniently, today is trash day so it immediately left the house.

Once that was out, I was on a roll. I went through closets, picked out snow and rain boots that will never fit my kids again and bagged them for the next owner. I also ordered new rain boots and rain jacket for my daughter.

A day or so ago, I finally got the stuff in the back of my car down to the bins, so maybe I'll reload the car again with items for the middle class guilt reduction station.

It's amazing. When I don't have a playdate, and my morning walking partner is volunteering, I have all this time in the morning to catch up on things.
Tags: daily activities
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