walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Catching Up On Pre-Appendicitis Problems

We had a little issue a couple days before A. came down with appendicitis.


I was waiting for the transportation boss to get back to me (he said he would and he's always been reliable before). And waiting. And waiting. Today, I quit waiting and called him. He was surprised to hear from me. The van driver had told him she'd talked to me and Everything Was Fine.

Everything is NOT fine. My son is home sick, so I brought up the booster seat issue and then got off the phone so I could contemplate my options and have some breakfast. After breakfast, I drafted a formal complaint and attempted to call a couple other people involved with special ed in district and in the consortium, to find out what perspective they might have on what was going on. One of them is on vacation until next Wednesday (lucky her -- she gets to completely dodge having to listen to me on this. I think.). The other was in a meeting and may or may not call me back later.

I took my sick son with me to pick up my daughter (this is why I prefer having transportation). We ran into a child who was at Saturday's b-day party with A. so that was fun. Nice to sustain relationships a little longer -- they are moving to a neighboring town so it'll be iffy when we see them again but life is long and unpredictable and I like the whole family so hopefully we'll run across them occasionally at birthday parties and similar.

After we returned home, I talked to the sitter. The driver, it turns out, had chatted with the sitter, making her very uncomfortable and the sitter got out of the conversation as quickly as she could. Sitter is a bit of a conflict avoider / don't rock the boat type, so I can imagine that the driver chose to interpret whatever she said _very_ liberally, and then shade it further as a conversation with me rather than about me and that's why the director of transportation thought the matter was solved. Ha! Nope. But now he's off the hook for being part of the problem and back in play as a possible person to help resolve the issue. Which is all I ever wanted anyway.

So I called him back up, and made it very, very clear that I am very, very not okay with the current state of affairs. We discussed our respective interactions and what I had gleaned from the sitter and I _think_ we are all in agreement that at a very minimum, there is an Opportunity for Retraining on both booster seat rules and on managing backpacks on the van. I'll be driving A. for the rest of the ESY (a week and a half), but it looks like we'll be back with transportation in the fall, with a booster seat until A.'s birthday (or other mechanism of compliance with Massachusetts state law).

And hopefully, with a different driver. I was pretty clear about how I just do not trust this current driver. If she shows up at my door again, I'm not putting A. on her van.
Tags: autism, education
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