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Thursday's Activities Include: canceled Dutch lesson, return of sitter

A.'s regular sitter is back from camping! It is good to see her again. A. made it through the whole school week (no school on Friday during the summer extended term) post-appendectomy with no problems.

Tomorrow it is supposed to thunder and lightning, so T. will be going to Altitude instead of swimming.

We had _four_ playdates this week! And looking forward to another playdate Saturday morning at the park, and a birthday party at Goldfish (no swimming for A. -- we'll just arrive in time for cake and presents). In theory, this heat wave is supposed to break some time soon. It can't happen soon enough for me.

I also finally remembered which part of the travel planning I had not gotten around to between when my MIL left and when A. developed appendicitis. I bought the plane tickets today, and also set up a rental car for another trip. I _think_ I am now mostly done with making reservations/buying tickets/etc. I only noticed I had failed to buy the ticket because I was paying the credit card for the earlier purchases and thought, wait, I must be missing a charge. Oh, hey, I don't think I actually bought that ticket at all. Ooops.

ETA: Went to dinner. Ordered a manhattan. Drank half, noticed a Thing in the drink. Got a spoon. Removed it. Put it on white napkin. Smeared. It was a mosquito with fresh blood. Ewww. Ordered another manhattan. SAME FUCKING THING HAPPENED. Turns out that mosquitos were living in the dregs of the bottle of Knob. That was the last bottle of Knob. No Maker's Mark (look, this is a very downscale place but I still love it). I went to the bar, surveyed the options, picked Crown. Crown actually turns out to make a decent manhattan (altho Crown North Harvest Rye makes an awesome manhattan). No skeeter. Whew.

ETAYA: Read an ars article about dark patterns. Went on another unsubscribe rampage. Maybe my inbox will quit growing so fast. That would be nice.

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