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Liveblogging _The Boys in the Boat_

I dunno if I'll be adding to this, we'll see. I started it yesterday, and it's a weird read, because Daniel James Brown has gone to a lot of trouble to describe places in detail -- and I've been to pretty much all of them, and I've done a lot of genealogical research on top of hearing my extended family's stories about the region for most of my first quarter century.

Anyway. I've found my first egregious error.

On page 73, Joe "trudged up University Avenue in the rain and the dark to the YMCA".

Nope. Nope, he definitely did _not_ trudge up University Avenue. It was 1933, so he trudged up "The Ave", or University Way, but he did NOT trudge up University Avenue. He could even have trudged up the road formerly known as 14th Avenue, or even formerly known as Columbus Avenue. But he most definitely never, ever, ever trudged up University Avenue.

ETA: And again, on p 155, Joe "peeled off from the group and made his way up University Avenue to the YMCA". No. No he did not. Did. Not. "The Ave" or "University Way".

This is really jarring.
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