walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

toddler gear, toys and a new show, "Super Why"

Parents cat-shaped electronic keyboard, purchased at Target. One day, stump removal was happening in the backyard, so Teddy and I went to Target. I actually managed to try on clothes and buy stuff for myself by stopping in the toy section and picking this up first. A little weird at first (why a cat?), but extremely cool. We haven't used the microphone much yet, other than to figure out approximately how it worked.


Svan Table, chairs and stool, ordered online: http://www.svanstore.com/svan_mini_furniture.shtml

There is/was a minor problem with one of the connectors which needed to be replaced. Roland is/was working on buying a replacement bit and it was tricky since it seems to be a Euro-only connector and therefore not on the shelves at US hardware stores. He'll figure it out. In the meantime, we have two of the chairs, the table and the stool assembled. They clean easily (at least of crayon marks), are sturdy and attractive, and do not take up a huge amount of space. Rounded corners not too painful to run into for toddlers or adults. Now Teddy can color in the living room, so we don't have to spend all of our time at the dining room table. *whew* Furthering the parental addiction to Holmes on Homes.

Melissa and Doug Easel, a gift for Teddy's 2nd birthday from his Aunt A., who also supplied the accessory set.
http://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Deluxe-Standing-Easel/dp/B0002AUWKG We got the chalk out and left the rest of it packed away for when he's older. We took the blue tray off because he wanted to climb on it.

No freaking way am I giving Teddy markers for the whiteboard or _paint_. I mean, come on. You want to supervise your kids in that detail, fine, but the end result in our family would be an extremely perturbed papa because something else got painted that shouldn't have. Also, numerous tantrums as I attempted to set limits, and a traumatized tot who can't figure out why he isn't allowed to do any of the obviously fun things possible with these items.

The blackboard and chalk, however, means all the driveway fun could move indoors with cold weather. Yay!

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

I don't remember if this is another Target purchase or a present or what. After watching Teddy's fascination with The Letter Factory, I figured this'd give him something to do when I was up to no good in the kitchen. He played with it heavily for several weeks, and intermittantly continues to do so.

"Super Why", PBS show from the creators of Blue's Clues, started September 2007

My sister turned me on to this. Watch Teddy zombie out. Most television interested him, but he'll also wander around doing other stuff while it's on. When he was quite small, Teletubbies would get his full attention. When he was a little older, Blue's Clues did. He's still happy watching both, but much less attentively. "Super Why" takes all of the brain cells. Quite impressive. Also, a cute show.
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