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Saturday's Activities Include: hospital, discharge, Canobie Lake

R.'s work place takes them to Canobie Lake as a Thing once a year. A. and I did not join T. and R. today. Ha! It's over 90, so I wasn't gonna go anyway.

A. woke up happy, insisted she didn't hurt. I got her bacon and toast for breakfast and another bowl of strawberries. She mostly ate bacon and strawberries, and drank water and a little chocolate milk. I had an omelette, home fries and toast. I wish I'd found the mayo and mustard in the patient fridge by the nurse's station _yesterday_. Oh well. My sodium levels are better for not having had the mustard anyway. We walked all over the floor, and then the road work started. They were cleaning, then waxing, the linoleum tiles. Fortunately, while they blocked us in during the cleaning phase, they left us a lane to escape during the waxing phase. I talked to the nurse and she had discharge orders so she got started on that. The surgeon came by and was very happy at how everything looked. I had been told "after breakfast" yesterday, but that always makes me think, yeah, sure, I probably will regret not ordering a lunch tray. But nope! We got out of there! I think the waxing encouraged people to get us out before we were trapped there. We were home by 10:45.

I finally got to brush A.'s hair and my teeth. She's snacking and watching Powerpuff Girls. I've got some laundry going. T. plans on being home in time for us to go out to dinner as usual at Pub on the Common, followed by a trip to Whole Foods.

This wasn't precisely HOW I had planned to spend the last 36 hours (give or take). But honestly, in terms of life disruption, it was remarkably well timed. I'd gotten through the worst of the travel planning. A. didn't have school on Friday anyway, so we just had to cancel her sitter. I didn't want to go to Canobie Lake on a 90 plus degree day anyway. We didn't have a playdate schedule, and the sitter took T. to his Friday afternoon dentist appointment. R. doesn't work on Fridays, and he even still got a long bike ride in. A. is remarkably undistressed by the whole process (the only thing that made her cry was removing the adhesive stuff that kept the EKG leads attached during surgery in post op, and removing the adhesive stuff that kept the IV port in immediately before discharge) -- she actually said she liked the hospital. But she was also very happy to come home. It was crowded and uncomfortable and highly interrupted in the emergency department, but not that much worse than a transatlantic flight. Once we were in the two bed room, I was basically pretty comfortable.

Obviously, we would much rather _not_ have had A. need surgery, but as a friend noted, this is exactly the kind of medical emergency that you want if you're gonna have a medical emergency: time limited, they know just what to do and minimal downstream consequences in virtually all cases (I know a lot of people's appendectomy stories, and I only know of one really bad outcome).

I hope your next medical unpleasantness goes as smoothly as this one did, if you are unlucky enough to have medical unpleasantness (of course I'd rather you were perfectly healthy forever and ever!).

ETA: Here's the post from when I went through a very, very similar experience in 2010:


I just want to point out how awesome it is that (a) the kids are older and (b) our sitters are reliable.
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