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Wednesday's Activities Include: A.'s physical, pizza for T., playdate

On Tuesday, there was an Issue involving the van driver. She has a rule about kids not picking up their backpacks. Like dancing leading to ... whatever, picking up backpacks leads to some kind of safety concern. A safety concern greater than, say, adhering to Massachusetts state law and the transportation policy governing this van which state clearly that kiddos under the age of 8 and below a height limit that A. is well below, have to be in some kind of special restraint/booster/whatever, and which the van driver has unilaterally decided is not necessary in this particular case. But, you know, Law and stuff.

This Rule about backpacks has lead to crying on A.'s part now twice. I told A., van driver's van, van driver's rules, because life contains a lot of arbitrariness and you do NOT want to mess with things like the IRS or even the school system on the basis of squirrely ideas like Logic, Morals, Ethics or Hey, Isn't It Obviously the Right Thing to Do. You can win -- but it won't be worth the time, trouble, paperwork and shoveling. This second time, however, A. had obeyed the rule and still her backpack was confiscated because other than her friend R., the rest of the van's passengers had failed to comply so all packs were taken away.

I called the transportation company; they are going to investigate. So far, no one can come up with any explanation why this rule is in any way a good idea, particularly with a van full of rules oriented, anxious, autistic kids. But you know, whatever. In the meantime, I'm driving my own kid to school and biding my time before I point out that the driver is violating state law and company policy.

I was going to drive A. in to school today anyway, because she had her physical today. Everything is great! No shots this time; there will be a dtap booster next year. We're supposed to work on toothbrushing in the morning as well as in the evening, to establish a healthy lifetime routine. Seems reasonable.

I picked up a pizza at DiCapri's and brought it to T.'s school for lunch today and Thursday, and then I picked up A. to bring her home for a playdate, the last one this week.
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