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Tuesday's Activities Include: walk, walk and more walking, playdate

I sort of forgot to eat breakfast. Which is to say I ate half of the apple I was peeling and chopping for A.'s breakfast, then headed out on a walk and only belatedly realized I didn't have anything else to eat. Then, I meant to do the one mile loop, but I ran into someone I've been chatting with as I pass her house for years, only this time she was headed out for a walk and we wound up walking about three miles. Lovely, lovely woman, and it turns out we have way more in common than I had realized. I got home in time to go back out with M., for one mile, then a blessed sit down and play games. At noon, A. and one sitter arrived. At one, D. and her kids arrived for a playdate and D. and I did the 3 mile walk. At around this point, I realized I had hit 20K steps, and not by doing things around the house. Yikes. T. came home around 2:30, and everyone else more or less left at the same time.

I cooked some bacon (with A.'s sitter watching it while we walked). I had lunch before that (pb&j on cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread, with cole slaw. Because, cole slaw). Somewhere in there I ran the dishwasher and did a load of laundry, including the pillow case from T.'s bed which appears to have blood on it, so I suppose I'll have to start asking about that next (not much, so it isn't one of those terrifying nose bleeds that my sister got for a while when she was young).

I had sort of hoped to get more decluttering done, but not with this level of exhaustion. I'm going to lie around and read trashy novels for an hour and then go have an early dinner.

The weather today is very lovely: high 70s/low 80s and not crazy humid. This is MUCH better than the last several days.
Tags: daily activities
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