walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's activities include: cancel, delay, preschool visit, tier auf tier

Canceled: one sitter
Delayed: the cleaner came in the afternoon instead of the morning; book group was moved to next Monday

I took two games (Don't Spill the Beans and Honey Bee Tree) to the preschool to donate them. I bought them when my son was there and they are useful to some of the therapies they do so I checked with an FB friend who we know from there and she said bring 'em by. I did, and on the way got to see a half dozen people my kids used to learn from and collected numerous hugs. Very pleasant start to the day!

One sitter canceled due to illness (she's better than yesterday so I feel optimism and did not call in a backup sitter). The other sitter came by earlier to help out and cover the playdate, which was nice. It was 90 degrees out, which was not so nice, in terms of walking, but D. and I went anyway.

The girls got out all the rubber duckies to watch them draw and do some other stuff. It was kind of fun to watch. We apparently have a lot of duckies.

After the playdate was over, A. wanted to play Tier Auf Tier. I'm getting better at it, but it is still remarkably tricky to play. One of the decluttering benefits is we can now find, play, and put away again some of the many awesome games we have had lying around various shelves in various rooms in the house.
Tags: daily activities
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