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Sunday's Activities Include: more decluttering, horse, Bertucci's, helmets

Both kids went (separately) to therapeutic riding today, after two weeks off (the holiday and then a horse show that was for the other side of the stable). It was nice to get to see my friends again, and to relay invitations to T.'s birthday party/collect contact information. MIL came along to both and was dropped off at Bertucci's in between so T. and I could have lunch with her.

T. says he needs a helmet at school this summer, because they will be scootering. I thought, hmmm. That implies a second helmet, because otherwise, he'll never have his helmet at home when he needs it (works this way with snow clothes, too). I had him try on his helmet, so I could figure out whether to duplicate it or size up. I went with the size up option. Actually, I had him try my helmet on and bought him an adult helmet, because we all have large heads.

I'm continuing to going through kids toys, books, puzzles and crafts. I filled one kitchen trash bag with a particular kind of toy (stuffed animal plus, but not furbies) that no one has played with in over a year and which I would vastly prefer no one ever played with again. Then I lost my nerve and stashed it in the basement to age for a couple months before sending it along to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station. I bagged up some of the floor puzzles to go to the bins, along with Still More Books. I think I have successfully collected all the craft boxes in one place, where it now lives near the Educational Crap and the art equipment. The games are now living near the musical stuff. The books are all going up to the second floor, because the primary reading time seems to be evening around here, and I figure I want stuff on the first floor to be social and easy to put away, neither of which applies to books. It is slightly amazing how the longer I work on this particular project, the more of it there appears to be.

I gave one of my iPad minis (possibly the first one) to MIL years ago. It bricked itself, so she's getting T.'s iPad since he prefers mine (better screen) and won't play on his own any more (his is old, altho not as old as that mini was). I asked T. if he wanted a new iPad for his birthday and he seemed excited about that. I'm kind of excited about not having to share my iPad with him.

When driving to and from the horse, MIL didn't want the windows open because her hair blows around; T. prefers open windows to A/C unless it is around 90. For the first trip, I went with A/C, but then on the way home, we had MIL sit in the back (those windows don't open) and T. sat in the front and we had windows down. Hair wasn't a problem. MIL lives in Florida most of the year so she seems okay with the heat. And T. was excited because he could easily read the screen. Which made me go, hmmm. Probably time to get your eyes checked again, because I'm thinking you got the family myopia.
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