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Saturday's Activities Include: Whole Foods, library, worksheets, El Huipil

My MIL went off to the second day of her painting class today. That was really early. Then T. and I got up to go to Whole Foods. After we got home, I started laundry and the dishwasher and then we went to the library. He read a few pages of a book by an author whose last name has the same first letter as his last name (criteria on take home worksheet from inclusion class); I read the rest to him. It was by Graham Oakley, about some church mice. Kind of fun. There are apparently a bunch of books about these mice.

After the library he played briefly at the adjacent playground, but it was hot so we went back home. R. went for a walk. Then R. and T. went to El Huipil for lunch. Now, A. is working on worksheets from her summer take home stuff. She also discovered that the Disney souvenir bought several trips ago is actually a school supplies case with colored pencils, markets and similar items in it. She wanted me to put it in the bag for next fall with the rest of her school supplies. Seems reasonable to me.

I expect later T. and I will go to Pub on the Common while R. and his mother have the ribeyes I bought today.

A. has generalized her skill with headphones. Now, she will watch TV with the headphones, not just use headphones with her iPad. Also, she has found the much nicer noise reduction (not noise canceling, but really good noise reduction) headphones and is using those with the iPad. We have wireless headphones that we use with the TV originally bought when the kids were little and we didn't want to wake them up but we still wanted to watch our evening TV (or we wanted to watch something where what was on screen was unobjectionable, but the language was not for very small children). But it's nice, because now you can watch something while hanging out with other people who _don't_ want to watch that. And you don't have to accept a small screen size to do so. I know people hate headphones/ear buds and the social isolation that can result, but from my perspective, a little social isolation is better than making people go to their own room and close the door. Which is a LOT of social isolation.
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