walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday's Activities Include: 2 walks, 2 phone calls, Whole Foods, play date, MIL

I probably should be picking up around the house and changing sheets, see MIL in subject line above. It'll happen soon enough. Or not.

Anyway. I walked with M. I did the 3 mile loop by myself this morning and talked to my sister on the phone while I was out and then briefly later on as well. I took my GymBucks out to Gymboree, and had to sort of work at it to get the dollar amount high enough to fully utilize the GymBucks (partway through I went, d'oh, and remembered Baby!, and that helped out). I picked up T. at school and we went to Whole Foods today. We usually go on Wednesday, leftover from his half day plus gymnastics during the school year. No more half day, so tricky to fit the midweek shop in. We meant to go yesterday, but R. went into town to see Wussy, and dragging A. along with us wasn't gonna make anyone happy.

Kids are off with sitters. T. is seeing BFG. A. is due back shortly for her play therapy. In the middle of that, my MIL is due to arrive.

I was bummed, because my usual Thursday noon phone call was severely shortened in part due to my modified schedule and partly due to scheduling on the other side. Summer schedule randomness.
Tags: daily activities
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