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Monday's Activities Include: walk, haircut, playdate

This morning, I walked early with M., which was nice because it was not hot yet. Then I drove down to Moodz for a haircut. I'm keeping it short, still. It's just too nice to want to grow it out yet. I'll let it go starting in August probably, because it can get extremely cold when it's super short in the winter.

We had a playdate when A. got home from school. D. and I went for a walk. T. went to Altitude with his sitter after he got home from school. It was a pleasant day.

ETA: I feel sort of bad -- this is such a lie! So I'll confess. It actually was a slightly horrifying day involving hours and hours and hours of time on Homeaway and similar. In the end, I got rental houses booked for two separate stays in two different states. And I booked flights for a third trip. I still have to book the lodging for the third trip, but that has to wait for a booking window to start which will be later. I'm so glad that process is mostly over. I cannot believe how flaky some of the owners have gotten on Homeaway. Sure, sure, I get that over on Airbnb things can be a little wonky. But Homeaway Group including VRBO has been consistently good for me. Owner not responding within 24 hours on an up/down confirm or not? Owner responding to say -- on a 24 hours up/down confirm -- to say the availability calendar is not up to date after all are my travel dates flexible? And then not updating the calendar for a couple more days? I am just not used to this happening.

I also learned a bunch of things that are different between DisneyLand and WDW: booking window for ADRs is 60 days at the former and 180 at the latter. Also, there are _way_ more interesting restaurants at the latter. 2 gates rather than 4 means that Extra Magic Hours are much more constrained. Universal Studios Hollywood appears to have no on site hotels and a somewhat different front of line/VIP ticket setup. (I'm still trying to figure out if my kids are old enough to enjoy the studio tour -- I did it when I was their age or younger and loved it, but they aren't me.)
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