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Tuesday's Activities Include: Dutch! Baby! playdate, pictures, 3 walks

Tuesday was a busy day. I got an early walk with M., which was nice because it was not hot yet. I had a Dutch lesson, for the first time in a while. The hiatus was because my instructor has a new baby! Super exciting! Of course, I had not gotten a present out of stupid fear that I would buy something and then not actually see the baby until he had outgrown whatever I had bought him. Instead, I collected a couple of A.'s hats that were just too cute to give away around the the time she first outgrew them and brought them down for the new baby's older sister. Because, hats! Purple, even. The baby is adorable, and the older sister is as well. Obvs, I brought books for her as well, that goes without saying. No matter how many times I go over the shelves removing books that the kids are too old for, there are always more. Not sure how that works -- it did not work that way when I was growing up, for sure. A. and I walked and talked -- he had the baby and both dogs came along so it was a real outing. Tons of fun.

When I got back from Dutch, I had a playdate. We set up the new kiddie pool, umbrella, chairs, etc. and started filling it. It was hot. D. and I went for a walk (the middling walk). The party broke up around 3, and then we all went inside for a bit. I made cole slaw, then brushed A.'s hair. The sitter helped A. pick out a dress for pictures since the photographer came over later. T. and I went down to Julie's Place for an early dinner, then the sitter left and we hung out indoors until R. came home and the photographer arrived. Then back outside for photos.

I was more or less ready to drop by the end of all this. Somewhere in there I got way too much sun and that makes me cranky in a bad sort of manic way. Ugh.
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