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Sunday's Activities Include: errands, no horse

Today, T. and I went to get his hair cut. We stopped at a CVS to pick up a few odds and ends and while I was there, I signed up to have receipts go to email. So that's nice. More and more stores are doing this (BuildaBear, Macy's, Applebee's) and I absolutely love it. All I do with the paper receipts is take a picture of it for OneReceipt and throw it away anyway. We went to the other CVS, and I noticed that Po's BBQ is no more. As R. puts it, this town has a way of putting badly run bar/restaurants out of business. I'm bummed, because Po's had great food, but I'm psyched because the chinese place in there looks amazeballs.

We stopped at the library playground. I noticed that even tho the library is closed, wifi from the library works in the parking lot. Score! And because the library is closed, very few cars in the lot. For a while, there were three of us (on the library side -- more on the town hall side) and all German makes. Weird.

I did laundry and ran the dishwasher. We had lunch at home. R. took A. out to Costco, and then BuildaBear (because if one kid has a Dory, the other kid is gonna want one, too). He cooked the meat I bought at Whole Foods yesterday, and I got to have several bites of the somewhat ridiculously priced dry aged local beef. I will buy it again because it was really good, but I'm _not_ going to cook it myself because meat that good deserves to be cooked with more competence than I can usually muster.

T. and I made another playground run to Martin Street. While I was folding laundry, he went through his closet and tried on all the long sleeved shirts to see which ones were too small. We packed them up with the clothes already sitting in the hall to go out to friends with younger and therefore smaller children.

There was no horse today; the regular side of the stable was participating in a large horse show.

I tried to hang T.'s latest Plaster Fun Time project, but I noticed the hook wasn't firmly placed. We discussed what to do (prop it up?) and T. opted to throw it away. I'm not gonna argue with that. Since I already had a hook in the wall, I got a 5x7 frame out of the basement and sent a photo off to be printed at CVS.

I deleted several dozen emails, sent a couple emails and messages. Talked on the phone with someone about an upcoming house rental (looks like it is a "go", which is yay! Because the last few haven't been. :( People, please keep your availability calendar up to date!). Paid a credit card.

I had NO intention of being productive today. I'm sort of disappointed. I eventually got T.'s independent work binder out and had him work on some pages. Once A. saw he was doing math, she was, I want to do math! So I got out stapled stack of worksheets out that came home from school at the end of the year (the please don't backslide stack), and a book of math stuff for about her age and gave her a choice. She opted for all of the above. Which is fine by me.

ETA: T. and I finally found waffle bowls at the Westford Market Basket. A. is super excited about them. T. and I had dinner at Seoul Kitchen. I picked up the picture from CVS and got it up on the wall. It looks so nice I think I'll print a bunch of the current year's ride photos (which we now buy digital only) and update the theme park wall.

ETAYA: Printed a half dozen or so prints. I'm excited to get pictures from four theme parks this calendar year up on the wall (2 NH parks on 2 trips -- Mem Day and the 4th, plus Universal and WDW in April).
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