walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Friday's Activities Include: walks, lunch at Legend, play date/dinner with friends

R. and I went for the 3 mile walk today. We stopped at Legend Cafe for lunch. After we got home, I went for a walk with M. A. spent the day with her sitter; we met up with her at the Groton Shaw's in time to drive over to a friend's house for a playdate and dinner.

T. had school. He spent a couple hours with his sitter, then came home in time to drive out to Groton with us. I was a little surprised he wanted to go to the playdate -- he usually does not. But of course he was welcome! He drove around in the little electric toy car in the driveway and had a hot dog for dinner.

A quiet and relaxing day. The most excitement involved some vacation planning -- finally figuring out what the plans are for T-weekend.
Tags: daily activities
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