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Monday's Activities Include: Happy 4th! packing up, Santa's Village, 99 again

We packed up and checked out.

I failed to mention on previous days that R. and T. went over to have breakfast which is not included with the room, but which T. wanted to have. R. had coffee so he didn't have to pay for the full buffet which he had no desire to eat (R. is not big on breakfast). Apparently, T. has decided that part of The Hotel Experience is Going Down to Breakfast. (Altho he doesn't expect this at WDW, oddly.)

We drove to Jefferson and went to Santa's Village. This time, I pretty much insisted on A. putting her swimsuit on and playing in the water park, because otherwise she wants to do all the letters in the Alphabet Game first and then is too tired for anything else but is kinda sad she missed the water park. She is getting better at doing some rides as she gets nearby letters.

Since she had played the game on Friday, she still wanted to play (T. declined) but was okay with me running around and getting letters while she waited in line for a ride/went on the ride. She did bumper cars twice. What a difference from just a year ago! She used to get so sad/frustrated at trying to drive and getting hung up every little bit, but she has figured out not to turn too tightly and she's much better at avoiding other people's jams.

My walking partner recently told me about this:


I thought I'd throw that out there. It reminded me of when I was reading about the history of bicycles, actually -- something we think of as For Kids, when it is new, is often For Everyone. But the real rule is, it's something you like when it is New For You and then get tired of. It has a lot less to do with age than I tend to think it does.

Miraculously, no traffic on the way home. It was eerie. We left a little after lunch and got home by 4:30. No traffic even approaching Concord, NH -- unheard of! Our theory is that everyone went to the beach and/or got Tuesday off and isn't going home yet.

T. wanted to go to the Pub on the Common since we usually do that on Saturday but we were out of town. Alas, they seem to be closed so we went to the Westford 99. I legit tried to order something different (black bean burger) but failed (it has secret milk ingredients). So I wound up with the haddock two days in a row. On the second day, I really start to notice that there's too much fish and not enough veg on that plate for me to be happy with it as a frequent meal.

Then we went to Whole Foods (also a Saturday activity that we missed).

While T. and I were out, R. unpacked the food and started laundry. Wow, amazing husband! It was nice to be home.
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