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Saturday's Activities Include: StoryLand, bike ride, Kahuna Laguna

Today, we got to StoryLand right when it opened. Less of a line at open than I expected. Last year (I think) they had just upgraded their IT systems and it took forever to process all the pass vouchers. Everything had gone smoothly for us opening weekend, so we had our passes already.

We got to do both coasters within the first hour and it was warm enough to go on Dr. Geyser. We had an early lunch. We left a little after noon. R. got his bike ride (he said he was riding into wind the entire route, which is pretty funny given it is a round trip route. Well, funny for the non-cyclist) and I took the kids to Kahuna Laguna. So, once again, NOT buying the ticket ahead of time for the park paid off, since R. did not actually go to the water park today at all.

We had dinner at Applebee's. Sure, we got there early enough intending to beat the rush, but the rush never really materialized. I think maybe Canada is having a recession or something (low oil prices has really made things tough in Alberta and the northern areas, but that has percolated through the rest of the economy as well). We are not seeing anyone who is obviously Canadian (Quebecois it can be really easy to tell; English speakers less so, but if you are in line with one you can often tell) and we usually see a lot. (Technically, we _did_ see obviously Canadian people, but they were employees at Santa's Village.)
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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