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Friday's Activities Include: Driving to North Conway/Jefferson

On Friday, packed up the car with suitcases, a bicycle, scooters and food and drove up to Jefferson, NH, where we went to Santa's Village. The kids went on rides. We got pictures with Santa. T. played in the water park. We left around 10 a.m. and on the way north, we stopped at Common Man in Concord, NH. I've been going on family vacations with various family for most of 5 decades now, and I have to say, I've never enjoyed a restaurant-we-only-eat-at-while-traveling as much as I enjoy the Common Man. Altho since it was lunch, I had iced tea and thus did not get to have the Luxardo cherries they use in their Manhattans. I got the wedge salad again, minus the various cheeses, adding salmon. It's not _quite_ as good as Crossroads Cafe's version of the same dish, but it is damn close (really, all it is missing is the bacon in the honey mustard dressing. Oh, and the bread).

We stayed at Red Jacket Mountain View. However, we were too tired to go to the indoor water park. Thus, my decision to defer buying water park tickets has probably already justified itself. If you buy ahead, you get a break, but you just don't really know which days you will go.

Very little traffic. Of course, this is the Friday _before_ the weekend of the 4th, so probably not surprising. No particular lines at the park. We stayed till close and had dinner in the park.

ETA: Oh, new ride at Santa's Village! Poogee's Penguin Slide is open. It is fun, but I only rode it once because it is a little nauseating. A. rode it twice, altho she complained that her head kept bumping against the back.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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