walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's Activities Include: school supplies unload/reload, powerpuff girls

The current McD's Happy Meal promotion is Powerpuff Girls toys. So A. has a new show to watch, apparently. That show has some super strange dialogue (one of the girls didn't want to participate in a pageant until someone said it was a competition. Then that girl was all over, whose kneecaps do I have to break. Sure, that's my kind of person, but I didn't expect it in a children's animated show. I did like that there were all kinds of characters wanting to win the tiara/be in the pageant. Very open minded).

A.'s paper bag with school crap in it (pencil boxes full of crayons and similar) had been sitting in the mudroom space by the kitchen/garage door. I finally got the rest of it emptied (partly during yesterday's tantrum, partly during the depressive followup). I pulled the stickers off the pencil boxes (since they had her name and "1st Grade" written on them), then went out and got large format mailing stickers, cut some to approximately the right size, and put them on. I even found a pink marker to put her name on them.

I got the supply list for next year out, and started looking around to see how much if it we already had. Obvs, the pencil boxes. I found the right size box of crayons, unused! That was pretty exciting. (Anything I don't have to buy and/or can send out of the house, amirite?) I had a virtually unused folder, that will almost certainly go unused again. Boxes of wipes, tissues, bottle of soap, scissors, glue sticks, colored pencils. I put the three items I didn't have in my cart of Amazon, since I'm doing this so freakishly early that I can wait until there is enough in the cart to get them as add-on items.

I reused the paper bag that came home, since a birthday cake tag board decoration with A.'s name and birth date on it was taped to it, making it pretty damn recognizable/memorable.

ETA: I got to spend a half hour or so on the phone with my sister while I poked at the kids' books on the shelves figuring out which ones could safely be moved along to another home. It was very reassuring talking to her. She helps keep me grounded and sane.
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