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Saturday's Activities Include: two grocery stores, a walk, playground, skating, bookstore

T. and I went to Whole Paycheck (we are now going regularly on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, but I suspect that's about to change, because Wednesday is normally post-gymnastics, and gymnastics is going to be closed for a few weeks). We also went for a walk around the block and discussed what to do today. We hung one of his Plaster Fun Time objects (Sully from the Monsters movies). We had lunch at home (I had strawberry crepes; he had bagel pizza with apple slices and carrots). We went to the playground for a few minutes. We went to Roche Bros., to get the kinds of things that Whole Paycheck does not carry (Ritz crackers, American cheese, Cream of Wheat, etc. -- all the highly processed goodness). We also went to Willow Books, because I wanted to find T. a kids' magazine (they do not appear to carry any -- I bet these don't exist any more), and wound up buying him a large print word search book ("The Everything Easy Large-Print Word Search Book", on the shelf with other things aimed at bored seniors trying to keep their cognitive skills up to par, but completely awesome for a kid with some fine motor skills problems) and _Teach Your Kids to Code_. There was another (thinner, more pictures) book

M. and her dog P. came over for a visit. T. and R. went ice skating.

A. and R. went to gymnastics, then they went to McDonald's. There, they were leaving as a friend from school was arriving, so that was nice.

ETA: Other books arrived in the mail today. R. had ordered "Where Did I Come From" and "What's Happening to Me" by Peter Mayle, along with _The Boys' Body Book_. We are theorizing that some of T.'s frustration/anger/rage issues are maybe connected to changes happening inside him; the play therapist thought that if there were books on the topic that he could look at, he might find that helpful.

I thought we could maybe work on typing over the break. T. has been using Co-Writer from the google app store. We got that, and used it to take some notes while reading part of a book I ordered for T., _How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger_.
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