walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Friday's Activities Include: dinner at Via Lago

A. had a very long day with the sitter today. She spent the day hanging out in a pool, then went to a party with her sitter. Meanwhile, once T. was dropped off in the afternoon from a day with his sitter, R., T. and I all went to Via Lago. T.'s been going there so consistently on Fridays for so long that half the staff appears to know him (and he knows them by name). Kind of fun. Good drinks. R. and I split the peking duck roll appetizer and I had a burger; he had the tuna steak. It was all good, altho if/when I return, I'll probably get the duck roll appetizer with a salad and call it good. I brought home part of my meal. I had the Manhattan in Lexington, a modified Manhattan (sweet vermouth unspecified, Campari and Maker's Mark). It was very pretty with the Campari, altho next time I'll ask for a twist.

R. got a long bike ride (a little under 60 miles, IIRC). I took several walks.
Tags: daily activities

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