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Wednesday's Activities Included: two half days, gymnastics

Both kids had half days today. T.'s regular sitter was unavailable entirely, because she had a school related party to attend. A.'s sitter was not available until after both kids were due home, because of an appointment. This was a problem, because A. was due home at _exactly_ the time that T. was due at gymnastics. R. took an hourish off work to be home for A. and hang out with her until her sitter arrived. The reason for the unusual dual half day was: A.'s last day of school! Woot!

Meanwhile, T. and I went to gymnastics, followed by our now routine trip to Whole Paycheck. His last day of school is Thursday.

ETA: Truly enormous quantities of stuff is coming home with both kids this week. Every time I think, surely that is the end of it, another mound arrives home in a paper grocery bag because it doesn't fit into the kid's backpack.

ETAYA: T. and I also went to Savers in Marlboro to unload some bags of toys that the kids have outgrown. We stopped at the spray park in Hudson before going to dinner at the Horseshoe. We were a little too early to see Fran. T. was quite damp from the spray park, so we bought a couple hand towels ($2.13) at the dollar store so he could dry off a little, rather than go back home and then back to Hudson. I'm thinking it might make sense to leave some towels in the car for more or less exactly this purpose for the rest of the summer.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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