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French Canadians

A post by my cousin on FB prompted me to take another shot at figuring out the ancestry of her mother (her father and my mother are siblings; for a variety of reasons, I don't think I ever met her mother). I am making more progress this time (I love how more and more records show up in the Washington State Digital Archives if you just let a year or so go by). But I am continually amused that my uncle (her father) married a Catholic woman and the whole family is basically Catholic since then. Why would a young man raised (sort of) Mennonite marry a Catholic girl?

Probably because her family and his family were from the same part of Manitoba. Odd things happen in a rural area that is predominantly Mennonite, but the second largest group is Catholic. I suppose the next question is what winding path led those two family groups to move to Bellingham? Every time I have a question like this, I wind up learning a bunch of local history.