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Sunday's Activities Include: walk, decluttering, lunch, horse, pool setup, fair

T. and I went for a walk. While we walked, we talked about what we would do after the walk. We decided we were going to try to find the pool and see if it could be set up or if it needed to be replaced, and also set up the umbrella. We couldn't find the pool, but we did set up the umbrella. Later, R. found the pool, set it up, repaired it and started filling it.

After the umbrellas was set up, we put some stuff in the car for going to the horse: things we were giving to one of his fellow riders, helmet, boots, jeans, etc. Then we went upstairs and went through his shirt drawer. It is difficult to close his shirt drawer, but he keeps wearing the same shirts over and over. So we pulled out all the long sleeved shirts and put them in the bin in the closet. But first we pulled all the shirts in that bin -- formerly too big for him, but now they all fit. So those went into the empty drawer. Then T. gamely tried on every single short sleeved shirt from the drawer, and we put back the ones that fit and figured out what to do with the ones that no longer did.

We went online and found the next size up in Intex snapset pools and put it in the cart, in case R. couldn't find the pool. We were going to go to a playground, but we had run out of time. We had lunch at Applebee's, then we went to the horse. We even remembered to give the things to A. (not my daughter)! Shocking, I know. Usually it takes me a few weeks to remember to pass things along.

When we got home, T. and R. set up the pool. Then they went to the fair. A. and I put the flower sprinkler in the pool, and played in it for a while. We also set up the pink flamingos.

Because both kids were at the stable, there will be showers/baths later on tonight. In the meantime, A. and I are hanging out in the shade indoors and I am reading _Gulp_. Still need to read _Work_; I have until tomorrow afternoon.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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