walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Changing of the Shoes

T. recently complained his boots -- size 6 -- were too large. And those 6s were hard to find in riding boots for boys. So he is now in riding boots for men, and it's surprisingly not easy to find English for men (pants or boots). R. talked to a friend who rides (and who is a Real Adult) and he says they all wear western boots and jeans. All righty then. I ordered T. some new jeans (which needed to be hemmed, because he's not quite that tall yet and he is resistant to cuffs altho softening a bit on that resistance), and the same boots in the men's size that he had most recently had in boys -- and they are more than twice as expensive. Ugh. They are very, very nice tho, so that's something.

A. said she couldn't wiggle her toes in one pair of shoes recently -- 1.5 Disney sneakers. So I pulled out the size 2 in Disney sneakers, and she wore those for a while. But today, we were back to, "I can't wiggle my toes!". So I contemplated going back to the Stride Rite 2s, but they are showing a lot of wear and when I felt her toes, they were really close to the end. I went in search of the size 3s (a combination of things T. never wore and things I couldn't pass up at the consignment store just because they are too big to fit while I'm looking at them), and pulled out some Wazowski/Monsters U sneaks and she liked those. I also found a ton of other shoes in sizes 1, 2 and 3, and am now in the process of figuring out where I'm gonna send the obviously too small ones and where to store the ones that currently fit so they actually are used.
Tags: decluttering, parenting

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