walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's Activities Include: breakfast with a friend, expect edits

I'm really trying hard once again to keep up on posting.

I went to Salt & Light in Groton for breakfast. I am not sure how many incarnations this particular restaurant has been through (Main Street Cafe, Roots, now this -- possibly one more after Roots before this), but I'm fine with all of them. They have homemade chipotle hot sauce and home made blueberry jam which is more like blueberries in syrup than blueberry jam but I am NOT complaining; it was quite tasty.

This version of the restaurant's breakfast potatoes are the best yet, altho Roots had some nice greens which was novel and cool. Also, this one has the best bread. Fingers crossed that when we inevitably return in a month or two, it will still be this good.
Tags: daily activities

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