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Saturday's Activities Included: horse show, Whole Foods, Kohl's, Angry Birds movie

We had a busy day. Both kids participated in the stable's horse show. T. had a behavior issue during his turn, so he got a pink ribbon. A. did not -- she got a red ribbon, and the kid who got the blue in her class did a fantastic job. T. saw that the back of the ribbon had the name of the vendor for the ribbons and their slogan was, "Your First Place for" wtf, and interpreted that as, I Got First Place.


We went to Whole foods to do a little grocery shopping. Then we had lunch at Julie's Place. He scootered; I walked. We popped into the hardware store to get some glass cleaner, and it started raining so we did not go to the playground as planned. After a discussion, we decided to go to Kohl's so I could look for jeans (I may not be losing weight, but I am apparently getting denser. Or something). Then we went to the theatre to see the Angry Birds movie. It was not in 3D, and it was sold out -- we were lucky to get two seats since we'd waited until we arrived at the theatre. I figured, no way will this be full. Wrong. It was running in June. The theatre was small but it was full.

It is a kids movie. It is based on a video game. It was actually pretty good, if you set your expectations appropriately (movie based on a video game rarely goes well by objective standards).

Afterwards, we tried the 99 in Westford, but it had a 25 minute wait so we went to the Pub on the Common. One of the servers had gone home sick (fortunately BEFORE our arrival), so between arriving there later than usual, and that, service was slow, but it was very friendly as always.

A. normally has gymnastics on Saturday, and could have gone after the horse show but before the birthday party, but they used that time to buy the birthday kid a present and stop at McDonald's for lunch instead. The party was outdoors. Fortunately, it was not raining heavily.

ETA: I forgot to mention that I bought a vegan chocolate cake at Whole Foods, so R. and I have belatedly had birthday cake. T. likes it, too, however A. has declined because she's weirdly picky about her cake <-- not a bad thing.
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